3/4″ Clean Stone

3/4″ Clean Stone is all crushed rocks which have passed through a 3/4″ square screen. This product is not washed. The crushing process results in a very angular finished product. This material will range in size from 3/4″ down to 1/2″ and everything in between.

Not preferred as a topcoat on driveways because it will not compact and become a firm solid base. It will roll out from under the tires when driven on, and may be plowed off in the winter. but some people occasionally use it in the driveway. They apply it in a very thin layer and it helps prevent the muddy conditions in low traffic areas. This product is the easiest to shovel and rake by hand.

Note about Stone Colors

Natural Stone will change in color! Please do not assume the color will stay the same from year to year or even month to month. To ensure that the stone is the color you want come in and look at the stone in the bins before ordering.

Due to how different monitors display colors, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen as an exact color of the product. The pictures shown are just for reference, the best way to select a stone is to see it.

Natural Stone is a product of Nature. Therefore, variations in the stone should be considered as uniqueness and beauty of the stone rather than a flaw.